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The most wonderful thing of creation, is not simply the plasticity of the work, but rather, to witness the transformation through the use. Art to be touched, climbed, slipped… To do whatever you want. Art that demarcates a territory and that creates the sense of belonging of children who until then had nowhere to play. Design to grow, learn, develop and play.  That's how we see Brazil, a place where you learn playing. We are very proud to be able to offer our knowledge to these children, they use and abuse of these territories. Invited by Nike, in 2016 Erê Lab created, developed and installed 4 recreational spaces in underserved regions of Rio de Janeiro. The spaces have been installed inside the Community Olympic Villages, in a impact program of Nike in partnership with the city of Rio de Janeiro.  The neighborhoods presented with these spaces are the districts of Caju, Mato Alto, Engenho de Dentro and Acari.


Where to play


Area: 170m²
Equipments: Traves, Pedras e Mangue
Date: abr/2016
Local: Encantado - RJ
Creative direction: Roni Hirsch
Executive production: Helo Paoli
Architects team: Guta Albers, Angela Potrich, Luis Enrique Vargas, Vítor Araújo
Produção de montagem: Pollyanna Amaral
Production support: Leila de Oliveira
Assembly team: Fabiano Araújo, Thiago Calazans, Leandro S. da Trindade , Leonardo T. Lopez