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Casinha Palafita is a house on pilotis that brings the dream of the tree house and presents the language of stilt houses from northern Brazil. Adding the mixture some elements of Brazilian modern architecture, such as cobogós and brises. Tha Casinha Palafita is made with certified wood from reforestation areas. A tree house has always been a dream for children and adults, developing this dream, in the perspective of brazilian culture, we created the modern stilt house. This equipment brings elements of modern architecture, adding to the act of play the Brazilian way. A slide and a staircase make the Palafita a connected space and a safe place to explore and have fun.



Wooden house. Finished with non-toxic ink and varnish.  Steel and non-toxic paint. Variable colors.  The equipment must be plumbed in concrete shoe or anchored directly into the ground. The equipment is found in two sizes: small and large.


Small Casinha Palafita 
Length: 1,8 m
Width: 1,8 m
Height: 3,6 m

Big Casinha Palafita
Length: 2,4 m
Width: 2,4 m
Height: 3,6 m


Age: 0 to12 years

Install over anti-impact floor (natural or synthetic grass, rubber, etc.)

The installation must be performed with adult supervision.

Ministration and maintenance

We offer our clients support service in maintenance of playgrounds. The maintenance made properly extends the useful life of the equipment. For that, we have a team of third-party maintenance training. If you want to know more about this service, please contact us.

Guarantee and safety

Our parts are designed and engineered to ensure quality and durability, in open areas and with constant use. All our products and projects meet the requirements of ABNT-Brazilian Association of technical standards, which have specific safety standards for playgrounds.