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Elásticos can be assembled in external and internal spaces, such as parks, squares and a covered areas, as long as there is a firm basis where they can be tied up, like trees or poles, for example. They must be stretched until they are arranged in a straight horizontal line, parallel to the floor, crossing each other, forming a "cat bed". It provides various combinations and always brings new challenges for children like jumping and ducking.



Kit with 3 pieces of varied colors, each contains: elastic and two straps in nylon with safety lock.


Lenght: 12,5m/piece
Width: 4,0 m


Should not be used to balance height, as slackline.

Age: 1 to12 years

Install over anti-impact floor (natural or synthetic grass, rubber, etc.)

The installation must be performed with adult supervision.

Ministration and maintenance

We offer our clients support service in maintenance of playgrounds. The maintenance made properly extends the useful life of the equipment. For that, we have a team of third-party maintenance training. If you want to know more about this service, please contact us.

Guarantee and safety

Our parts are designed and engineered to ensure quality and durability, in open areas and with constant use. All our products and projects meet the requirements of ABNT-Brazilian Association of technical standards, which have specific safety standards for playgrounds.