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As part of the Centro Aberto project by SP Urbanismo, Erê Lab designed a playfull installations of tree trunks. With 5 different activities we propose a rereading of equipment made with logs in order to create a sense of appropriation of the public space. In the heart of the city of São Paulo, our products give life off the Paissandu Square. One more territory conquered for children.


Where to play


Area: 110m²
Equipments: Instalação com troncos de eucalipto.
Date: ago/2016
Local: Largo do Paissandú - SP
Creative direction: Roni Hirsch
Executive production: Helo Paoli
Architects team: Luis Enrique Vargas, Vítor Araújo
Assembly production: Pollyanna Amaral
Assembly team: Leandro S. da Trindade , Leonardo T. Lopez