Erê Lab is a company that creates and develops objects designed to encourage children to interact and participate through games and play. Our interactive objects can be in small, medium and large areas, through contemporary urbanisation combined with Brazilian spirit and tradition, offer a place for interactions and socialization in daily life. We want to save from vanishing,a tradition of playgrounds in the houses, gardens, squares and public spaces of the cities. We desire to recover and strengthen the sense of citizenship, so people, parents, children and surrounding community, interact among themselves and also with the city.

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Our products are designed and engineered to ensure the play, movement and cognitive development of children. Thought from children’s actions and movements playfulness and security, we seek Brazilian and innovative raw materials to achieve the quality standard of children.All our products and projects meet the requirements of ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards.


Our creative team love to do special projects that meet the demands of those who look for us, creating together with the clients. We develop unique and creative projects, considering specific approaches, territories, topography and specific themes. The playful universe of children enables us to fly and create a fully interactive universe, which encourage the relationship of citizenship and the development of the child.

Erê Lab in Action

We spread the spirit of Erê Lab in the city through actions. Erê Lab in Action is a temporary installation of our products that happen on events, parks and workshops, in internal or external areas. We conduct workshops where the construction and development of structures of play stimulates creative processes and of empowerment of the group.

Erê Lab Education

We conduct with children and adults experiences, workshops and presentations, in which we explore fantasy and creativity of children, encouraging their constructors’ side. The children can learn to create their own world. For this, we always use eco-friendly specially developed materials so that they can "get dirty" with art and creativity. We believe that learning and having fun go together. Contact us about the formats and about our educators.

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Erê Lab Social Fund

Erê Lab has a Social Fund for projects in underserved or disadvantaged communities. Our company believes that everybody can help, in some way, in the revitalization of these communities. Our way of helping, is through creating healthy playground spaces with accessible design and content, so children, through educational play can strengthen their self esteem and develop a feeling of belonging and responsibility towards the region where they live.

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